Recent scholarship has shown a marked preference for a simpler analysis of Genesis, says Dr. Gordon Wenham, and with this trend his commentary identifies. Biblical Interpretation from Worldwide Perspectives. Global Bible Commentary. The Global Bible. Commentary is receiving overwhelming critical acclaim! Find explanations and interpretations of Bible verses using an online Bible commentary at ! Understand bible verses more clearly using.


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John 1 Commentary - The Light Came into the World -

Why do some believe and others do not? John has two answers, and they are both found in verses If we had only verse 12 the answer would be human response, for it says that after they receive and world bible commentary they are given the right to become children of God.

The word right exousia may be misleading since it suggests a legal claim. Exousia can also mean "power" or "authority. But it is a power that must be exercised by the person--John does not say "he made them children of God" but "he gave world bible commentary power to become children of God" cf.

Chrysostom In John On the other hand, if we had only verse 13 the answer would be divine initiative. The general meaning of this verse is clear enough, though the imagery taken from physical childbirth is obscure.


Natural descent is literally "of bloods" ex haimaton. The NIV seems to sug-gest the reference is to lineage cf. More world bible commentary, the reference is to the physical contribution of the woman, or of both parents, which is matched with the third expression that refers to the will or desire of the husband.

In other words, the begetting of children of God depends on neither human material nor planning.

Word Biblical Commentary - Wikipedia

It is Christ's blood and the Father's will that produce children of God Jn 6: These two elements--human material and planning--are the bookends for the middle expression, which is literally "nor of the will of the flesh.

This middle term thus conveys the key point of the verse: While the format remains unchanged providing a phenomenal bibliography, translation, notes on translation and setting, followed by comments and explanationthe world bible commentary of the book has changed as well as the addition of revised versions of previously released commentaries.

In the book that I have the privilege of viewing is a re-issuing of the 1st volume of this series containing Genesisby Gordon J.

While reading an assortment of passages in the book of Genesis, I was saddened to see a lack of commentary about each verse with regard to application and contextualisation. Accordance world bible commentary the wbc set on one of their sales and I was able to get this entire set at a very attractive price and added to it as other volumes have become available just waiting for acts and world bible commentary cor now!

It has become my go to commentary set at the top of my library!

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I have supplemented it with volumes from Pillar and nicot and the original Expositors set but wbc has remained In the 90s, for one of my assignments World bible commentary was fortunate to have access to a very good library with a number of commentaries and I had a week where I could use them undisturbed.

The central themes, though, are clear enough. Each story deals in one way or another with a crisis in leadership.


The problem of disobedience also shadows leaders and people throughout the book. Word World bible commentary Commentary Series Description The Word Biblical Commentary delivers the best in biblical scholarship, from the leading scholars of our day who share a commitment to Scripture as divine revelation.