Cost-Effective (Every Door Direct Mail) - Duration: USPS TV 4, views · USPS World War I. Going on vacation and don't want your mail piling up in your box? You can have the Postal Sevice hold it for you, and you can request it online. You can request that the United States Postal Service (USPS) put your mail on hold if you need to temporarily suspend mail delivery due to vacation, business.


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With email and paperless electronic billing so common, I certainly receive less snail mail of a critical basis than in years past. Usps mail hold with charity requests, catalogs, sale circulars, and other bulk junk mail received almost daily, my mailbox tended to fill up in a matter of days.

It seemed like the most secure and convenient option and costs nothing. Unfortunately my success rate while living in usps mail hold several addresses in Pennsylvania house and townhouse and California apartment and condo has been mixed.

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Therefore I have gone back and forth among these three options to ensure that our mail does not overflow the box. The last thing I want to return home from vacation to is missing or usps mail hold mail.

Hold mail - Australia Post

I take lots of vacations and for the majority of situations, holding my mail worked. Twice my mail was never held as requested, but somehow it all fit was shoved in our mailbox while on a day trip.

Once our accumulated mail was not delivered to our home as of the usps mail hold date the date I picked for the mail service to resume.

Therefore I had to make a special trip to the post office during business hours which was not fun. Do you want to go to the post office in person, use the website, or usps mail hold them?


Here is a summary of your three options. In Person You can visit your usps mail hold post office branch in person if you prefer the experience of filling out the paper form. My advice is to avoid the lunch hour unless you want to wait in a long line to hand the paper form to a postal employee.

With this option you can have the satisfaction of making sure your hold mail form is completed without any mistakes. Since I develop websites I prefer the usps mail hold way of getting things done, so the online form is how I have put my own mail on hold.

How to Hold Mail While On Vacation (USPS Delivery Options and Advice)

Keep reading to learn how to submit your mail hold request online since the process has a few gotchas. The complete online USPS mail hold how-to guide is below. By Phone Would you believe the U. Post Office has a toll-free customer service number? They handle mail issues, questions, and requests nationwide and can put you in touch with you local branch carrier if necessary.

You can give them a call to ask questions about putting your mail on hold while away and submit your hold mail request in just a few minutes.

The phone number to call the U. Telephone customer service hours are Monday - Friday from 8am until 8: Hold Mail Step by Step Guide Since the usps mail hold option is the fastest, most usps mail hold, and perhaps most reliable way to put your mail on hold, I'll take you through the quick and easy steps.

Step 1 - Visit the Official U. Post Office Website No you are not looking at the USPS website usps mail hold, but thanks for visiting my VacationCounts blog and supporting my effort to help people take the best time off work and life.

You'll be following the step-by-step instructions which I'll help you with, so keep both browser tabs open so you can refer back.

Hold Mail Service USA Postal Service - Official Step 2 - Name and Address Entry Check You will need to accurately enter your home mailing address so the postal database can look you up and verify that it can put in a request to your usps mail hold post office to hold your mail.

Enter your name and official home address in the "What's your address" box. Your phone number and email address are also required fields and of course your zip code is critical.

When your are done click the "Check Availability" button to submit the information to the server. If your address is correct the form will let you move onto the next step.