BACKGROUND: High-sensitivity cardiac troponin (hs-cTn) T and I assays are established as crucial tools for the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Serum troponin T levels were ≥ ng/ml in patients (troponin T positive group) and lower in patients (troponin T negative group). The relative risk (RR). (4) published in this journal demonstrated that results for cardiac troponin T (cTnT) are 15% lower in heparin-plasma than in serum. On the basis of these results.


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The existence of different cTnI assays with a wide variety of cutoff values as well as discrepancies between the results obtained by different methods are confusing Adding to this confusion are reports of false-positive results, caused by either heterophilic antibodies 11 12 or incomplete separation of serum 1 13that seem to affect some of the commercially available troponin assays.

Most patients with cardiac disease troponina t em anticoagulated during hospitalization.

When troponina t em is collected, full clot retraction from tubes without preservatives can take up to 15 min 2. Clots can continue to form even after the sample has been centrifuged and the serum is placed into the analytical instrument.

When this occurs, the instrument can be blocked by fibrinous material, which leads to a flagged sample run. This will delay analysis, because of the additional time needed for recentrifugation and reanalysis of the sample, but will not lead to an erroneous result.


These studies mostly used conventional assays to measure circulating Troponina t em and included mixed groups of patients in terms of clinical presentation stable and unstable CAD or baseline Tn normal or elevated. A recent study suggested that post-PCI TnT elevation predicted 1-year adverse outcome troponina t em patients with acute coronary syndromes but not in those with stable CAD.


The present study differs from the above-mentioned studies in that it used a hs-Tn assay and included patients with clinically stable CAD troponina t em not elevated baseline Tn levels. Due to these design aspects, the present study enables the assessment of the prognostic value of strictly PCI-related hs-TnT response in a homogeneous group of patients.

Troponina C – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

The current study found no association between peak hs-TnT after PCI and mortality in these patients. The diagnostic utility and cut-off troponina t em of hs-cTnT were evaluated by receiver operating characteristic analysis.

The median hs-cTnT levels were higher in cardiac amyloidosis than the control group [0. Nevertheless, we did obtain significant results when the events were considered in combination.

Thus, the RR of presenting with events in the positive TnT groups was 2. When we eliminated from the whole group those patients who presented with elevated CPK-MB values, the RR that they would experience major isolated or combined events were similar or slightly higher Table 3.

ECG has low sensitivity and, in the case of unstable angina, ECG changes are, often, nonspecific. Although useful, these are imperfect for establishing an early diagnosis that allows prompt identification of high-risk patients. On the other hand, in those patients who present with unstable troponina t em or myocardial infarct without ST segment elevation, the smaller increases in the CPK-MB values have limited the prognostic value of identifying the subgroups of patients who will experience major cardiac events death or nonfatal AMI.

Lower Cardiac Troponin T and I Results in Heparin-Plasma Than in Serum | Clinical Chemistry

This is due to its double kinetic effect, with rapid liberation hours of TnT or TnI fraction dissolved in the cytoplasm of the cardiomyocytes and a more troponina t em liberation elevated concentrations for up to 5 to 9 days, with a maximum of 14 daysof a majority fraction that corresponds to the troponin that is structurally bound to the tropomyosin complex.

The principal conclusion that can be drawn from the results of various studies analyzing the value of troponin in patients with ACS is the short-term and long-term prognostic and therapeutic implications that troponin values possess.

The predictive negative value obtained for TnT was calculated at It must be pointed out that TnT, the same as CPK-MB, revealed a predictive capability for mortality, but only TnT maintained its independent predictive value when a multivariate adjustment was made for different patient characteristics.

The absolute TnT values have permitted classifying patients with unstable angina into low-risk, intermediate-risk, and high-risk groups, with the observation that the risk of death in the months after an acute episode is proportionate to troponina t em absolute troponin troponina t em.