Teleny and Camille has 50 ratings and 15 reviews. Northwest said: I was first introduced to TELENY AND CAMILLE several years ago, when Jon Macy had not y. All this month I'll be reviewing different comic books with LGBT themes (LGBT standing for “Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender”), based. Teleny and Camille Paperback – Jon Macy adapted this page graphic novel from the anonymous erotic novel, "Teleny," often attributed to Oscar Wilde and his circle. After telepathically witnessing the erotic encounters Teleny has with both sexes, Camille attempts.


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TELENY is a tragic romance, first and foremost, blending forbidden longing and danger with a lush, sensual style evoking Aubrey Beardsley and art deco design.


Teleny and camille lingers on the figures' lips, the curves of their bodies, and makes them so supple that you can almost feel them, even with their stylized quality. While teleny and camille sex scenes in TELENY are often transcendent, there's also a good share of horror, both in the sexual goings-on and in the societal pressure that comes to bear on our protagonists.

The prostitutes that Camille and his college chums visit are beautiful at first glance, but reveal snaggle-teeth, wear and disease when observed more closely. The bond becomes a bit of a curse as Camille finds himself connected to Teleny as the latter knows carnal embrace with not only another man but with another woman Macy handles the specific act of sex between Teleny and the woman particularly well, as we see Teleny try to imagine Camille to muster up the gusto, as it were, to do the deed.

Expertly expressive work by Macy.

Teleny and Camille

Macy drew his own introduction where he talks about how hard it was to adapt this work, especially in terms of what to keep teleny and camille what to omit. In a moment that recasts that introduction into a moment of self-indulgence, he says "I think Oscar would approve".

After teleny and camille finishes the book, he bemoans that so many gay-themed stories end in tragedy. His friend tells him that the book already has four or five authors, so why not add yourself to the list?

This results in a ridiculous bit of self-indulgence as Teleny and Camille are rescued by a friend and run away to Paris. Frankly, it flies directly in the face of the characters as written; they didn't come to a tragic end simply because they are gay, but rather because of Teleny's pride.

Des Grieux becomes fascinated by the man and by the sporadically and frequently sexual telepathic connection he feels with Teleny, and this feeling becomes teleny and camille mixture of curiosity, admiration, and desire, which quickly leads to jealousy.

Des Grieux knows that Teleny attracts many men and women before their relationship begins.

Teleny, or The Reverse of the Medal - Wikipedia

Eventually they meet and share their experiences of their unexplained bond which quickly leads to a passionate affair. Des Grieux feels very torn about loving and desiring a man and attempts to genuinely sexually interest himself in a household servant, but in so doing indirectly teleny and camille to her death.

Whereas his earlier work reveled in horror, Teleny and Camille confronts sexuality with innocence: All things are gilded and voluptuous—the male and the female, the natural and the artificial, the intimidating and the alluring. This is exceptionally effective for a story that drips with embellishment, artifice, and spectacle—color might push it over the edge from sumptuous to gaudy.

The artwork is dynamic in its balance between simple silhouettes and teleny and camille details.