Strong Medicine Poster. Tough female doctors treat an exclusively female clientele at the Rittenhouse Women's clinic, tackling female-centric issues and trying. February 5, -- Lifetime's "Strong Medicine" wrapped up its final season with a minor subplot in which advanced practice nurse Peter Riggs affirms that he. Strong Medicine is a medical drama with a focus on feminist politics, health issues and class conflict, that aired on the Lifetime network from to .


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Her character left the show at the end of the — season after adopting two challenged children an Strong medicine infant and her older sisterchoosing to put her medical ambitions aside to pursue a successful motherhood.


Andy Campbell Patricia Richardson A former military doctor with the rank of Colonel, Campbell came on the staff during the third season [11] to replace the much more ambitious and strict Dr.

Her patients tend to be upper-middle-class, and often include minor local celebrities and professionals. Her character ostensibly lives the almost typical suburban nuclear family lifestyle, aside from her status as breadwinner. She has two teenage daughters, Jesse and Lizzy.

Campbell kicked out her husband, Leslie, after he hit her during a domestic dispute, forcing her to examine domestic abuse issues as well as single motherhood. Campbell and Leslie had been married for thirty years without any violence in the home, and Leslie is presented as changing from a loving husband to a violent maniac over the course of a single episode.

She later becomes involved with another doctor, cardiac surgeon Dr. Milo Morton but he dies in a car accident [12] a development forced by strong medicine death of actor Richard Biggs due to an undiagnosed heart condition. Campbell was named United States Surgeon General which was also a stated ambition of her predecessor at the end of the fifth season and left the show.

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He once saved his great-grandmother Isabel Santana's life with a bone marrow transplant. He strong medicine for college in the middle of season 5, after graduating one year in advance [8] but returned once for Lu's wedding, and walked her to the altar.

A former drug addict and streetwalker long since rehabilitated, she met Lu at the same bar Peter and his band were playing at. After a fire destroyed the bar and the owner rented the locale to Lu for her clinic, she gave Lana a job. Hawkins is the hospital's eyes and ears, i.

Lana often refers to herself in the third person. Lana strong medicine back to school, earned her high school diploma and went to college, earning a degree in psychology.

Afterwards, Lu enlisted her to consult for her women's group, as volunteer work towards her Master's degree.


She was maid of honor at Lu's wedding. Peter Riggs Joshua Cox A registered nurse and midwife, Peter strong medicine generally progressive, open-minded, and an eager advice-giver.

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He practices Buddhism and believes in the principles of holistic medicine. He is often a kindred spirit to Delgado. Often, Riggs' character makes a balanced sociopolitical observation that influences a positive action by one of the two doctors; other times he strong medicine the protagonist of action.

He was also the nurse union representative.

Strong Medicine (TV Series –) - IMDb

He played the Bass Guitar in a band until his girlfriend Simone the lead singer dumped him during a fire, and Lu gave him a job in her new free clinic.

Robert "Bob" Jackson Philip Casnoff Chief of staff of Rittenhouse Strong medicine, he is the stoic, administrative figure and also ultimately in charge of decisions regarding funding, especially to the women's clinic.

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Jackson had once been a top surgeon but when a young girl died during surgery due to a mislabeled drug dosage, Jackson lost his nerve for the operating room and moved to strong medicine. Jackson considers himself a personal friend of Dr.

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Strong medicine as he was with Dr. Stowebut generally is more impersonal and strong medicine butts heads with Dr. Delgado over financial or liability issues, and with Lana over administrative issues. He was married with two daughters, Lauren and Paige. A recurring subplot throughout the series was Jackson dealing with his wife Susan's advancing MS condition.