Editorial Reviews. Review. Sounder is no beauty. But as a coon dog, this loyal William H. Armstrong's Newbery Award-winning novel quickly became a classic as a moving portrayal of resilience and hope in the face of profound. Sounder is a novel by William Armstrong that was first published in in Sounder and in-depth analyses of The boy, The father, The mother, and Sounder. Read Common Sense Media's Sounder review, age rating, and parents Sounder. Book review by. Patricia Tauzer, Common Sense Media.


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Armstrong does not for one second back away from fully sounder novel in "Sounder" the real horrors that this African-American family living in the mountains must face.

He doesn't condescend to put a band-aid on a situation that cannot be fixed, that can never be made right again. In describing with full force the devastating and grotesque injuries suffered by the coon dog Sounder, as well as the unspeakable treatment inflicted upon the boy's father, William H.

He also tries with some success to teach himself to read newspapers. One day he is leaning in against a fence, watching a group, trying to make out his father's form, when a guard whacks the boy on the fingers with a piece of iron and tells him to leave.


Sounder novel the boy walks toward the outskirts of sounder novel immediately following this, he sees someone putting a book in a trashcan. It is a large volume of Montaigneand the boy takes it with him, but cannot make sense of it.

Children's Literature Classics -- Sounder

The boy finds a school where he tries to wash the blood off his hands. While he is sounder novel the sounder novel, school lets out, and the boy meets an old teacher who dresses his wounds, takes him in, and asks what happened to him.

The boy tells the teacher about Sounder and his father and, observing the book, the teacher extends an offer to the boy to live with him and learn to read.


The boy's mother tells sounder novel to go, and he stays with the teacher during the winter, working in the fields in summer. One August day, the boy is at home helping with chores when they see his father walking back toward them.

Sounder Book Review

One side of his sounder novel body is crippled from being crushed in a quarry. Sounder, who has anticipated the man's return for days, runs out to meet him, and barks. Weeks later, the man and his dog go hunting.

It is sounder novel first night hunting since the man's return. The man has been waiting until he can invite his son, but now he sees that the boy is tired from fieldwork, and the man further senses that the activity might no longer interest sounder novel boy.

At dawn Sounder comes back without his master and, when the boy follows Sounder to the man, he finds him dead. When the boy returns to the teacher, he tells his mother that Sounder will be dead before he can come back for the holiday.

Two weeks before Christmas, Sounder crawls under the porch and dies.

Sounder (1969)

Despite their deaths, there is a sense of peace and resolution over the family - especially the boy, who has achieved the single thing he most wanted in the world - to become literate.

The parents' guide to what's in this book. Educational Value Realistic and poetic description paints a vivid picture of the setting: The story explores the humiliating injustice of racism and the resulting poverty and hardship of that place and sounder novel.

The boy learns that, though life can be harsh, it is also hopeful, and that stories, reading, and education help a person survive.

Positive Messages The sharecropping family is poor but honest, loving, kind, unselfish, and hardworking. The father is not proud that, in a desperate attempt to feed his family, he has stolen a pig.

The mother is long-suffering and patient, and she even returns the parts of the uneaten pig when she realizes it was stolen. The sounder novel does his work first, sees to his family, then seeks his father and Sounder.

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The best time of his life is when he listens to his mother's stories, finds a book, sounder novel gets the opportunity to learn to read. The outside world, the arresting men, and jailers especially, are part of a scary, dark, racist world. They are ugly and mean and, except for the drunkard and the teacher, never show a bit of sympathy or compassion.