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Sadly there's no info about neighborhoods, locations and the like.


I also shadowrun rhein-ruhr-megaplex a chapter on the AGS in Sixth World Almanac, which seems to me to be the most recent source of info, but it isn't that detailed, more of an overview. Which has a lot more detailed info about Hamburg along shadowrun rhein-ruhr-megaplex other info from Runners Havens.

Nachtstreife (Shadowrun, #46) by Björn Lippold

Good stuff but not that detailed as Germany Sourcebook. Pegasus also released a source book about Berlin called Berlin. When Freek's magic abilities started manifesting at the age of 12 he began shadowrun rhein-ruhr-megaplex out at the bullies in school, accidentally blinding one with his magic.


His father started doing research on magical boarding shadowrun rhein-ruhr-megaplex and arranged for his son to be picked up by Saeder-Krupp and brought to one of their magic schools in Bremen.

At the school Freek had a hard time fitting in. He was one of the few non-German students and had difficulty following the German classes. When he did speak German it was with a thick Dutch accent. As puberty started setting in Freek started to become more and more anti establishment, especially anti SK.

Rhine-Ruhr megaplex | Shadowrun Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He started openly insulting Lofwyr and other high ranking SK employees. When shadowrun rhein-ruhr-megaplex age 18 he tried to escape the compound for the second time, this time mortally wounding two security guards, Freek was moved from the school to an experimental lab in Bavaria.

It was here where Feek's eyes were replaced for cyber eyes as part of a series of tests surrounding astral perception and assensing.

The tests and almost torture like practices continued until one night when a group of Shadowrunners infiltrated the compound to extract one of the other test subjects. During the confusion Freek managed to shadowrun rhein-ruhr-megaplex his cell and started his escape.

Places: Rhein-Ruhr-Megaplex

While the arcologies of the megacons gleam in light whole districts have sunken into shadows and chaos. Iwan, a young shadowrun rhein-ruhr-megaplex, was born in one of these districts — Dortmund Nordstadt.

He has been trying everything to find a path towards the light.


As he fails, his last hope is a seelie named Mae. But the fairy is beleaguered by a dark secret. And she is on the shadowrun rhein-ruhr-megaplex, ruthless killers on her trail.