Everyone's setup is different, but the guides here are written as concise as possible. If something doesnt make sense, just ask! Get in touch on Google+, or send an email.


VDash has its own server program that is required by the app. The role of the server is to collect the data supplied by the selected games, translate it to a common format, and send it to the app. The same server program is currently capable of collecting, translating, and sending data from the following games:

For the list of currently supported games and how to configure them to work with VDash, see Compatibility

Getting the server

The server latest server is version 105, and can be downloaded HERE. The server and app use a shared protocol to communicate. Occasionally this protocol changes, and an update is required to both the app and the server. The app will notify you if it requires a server update, and the server has its own built-in update checker.

Key Mappings

VDash allows you to map keys on your input devices to actions in the app. Currently, the supported actions are Dash Left, Dash Right, Dash Touch, Next Draw Group, and Previous Draw Group. These actions change the active dash to the dash on the left / right, send a touch event the current dash (some views respond to touch events), or change the active Draw Group. To set these keys, start the server and click Settings near the bottom.

Then click the appropriate button for the action you want to map

Pick the appropriate input device and press the key you want to map. Watch the dialog change to reflect the pressed button. Some devices are very sensative and may also generate analog axis movements when you press the key. Be gentle. This is especially apparent on the Xbox 360 controller. You can sometimes get better results by holding the key.

On a wheel with a DPad, a good setup is mapping Dash Left to the DPad Left, mapping Dash Right to DPad Right, and Dash Touch to DPad Up. These input events are not consumed by VDash, so they are also sent to the game and any action that you have mapped to these keys in the game will still take place.

Connecting to the app

VDash can connect to the app either using WiFi or USB.

Connecting via WiFi

To start the Sever in WiFi mode, click the WiFi button. The server allows you to set a custom port. This is not required, and the default is acceptable in most cases. The server also uses ZeroConf technology to make finding the server easier for the app. This creates and registers a named network service that the app looks for. This allows you to connect without having to enter the IP address of the server. However, some network configurations complicate the ZeroConf service registration, so a connection via an IP address is still possible in the app. Your WiFi network may not be the default selected network interface when creating the connection. The wireless network interface can be chosen in the Settings Panel.

Connecting via USB

Using the server via USB has many advantages such as a much more reliable and faster connection, and charging your device while using it. However, it relies on Android Debug Bridge (ADB) drivers for your device, and enabling developer tools on your device. Please research which drivers you need, and how to enable developer tools. Depending on the version of Android you may also need to accept the computer's RSA fingerprint.

To start the server in USB mode, click the USB button. Follow the prompt. This will verify your device is connected to ADB, and execute commands to forward the local host to the android device. This allows a direct connection to the device. If the device can be found and port forwarded, a prompt will appear asking you to start a new connection in USB mode in the app before clicking OK. This involves clicking the Manage Connection button, then New Connection, then USB. Then, and only then, click OK in the server.