Three manufacturers share their tales with Mike Vandenberg, Jeff Herb and Chris Roehl of Miller Electric about pulsed MIG welding of. A comparison between Pulsed Mig Welding VS Spray. Weld reality deals with MIG, FCAW, GMAW, MAG on aluminum, stainless steel, pipe, manual/ robot and. To help gain greater efficiencies, Pulsed MIG welding is an excellent alternative. It also offers marked advantages over a traditional spray transfer MIG process.


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This is a serious drain on productivity as it takes the operator time to purge the ruined wire, change out the contact tip an added cost factorre-feed the wire and start welding again.

Aluminum spool guns—MIG guns with 1-pound pulsd mig welding of wire affixed to the gun—solved some pulsd mig welding the feeding issues but hamper accessibility to certain joints because they add bulk to the gun.

Pulsed MIG Welding Improves Quality, Saves Money

It was also standard practice to change the contact tip each time a spool was changed out, which adds further cost and time. The push-pull gun makes it easier to get into tight spots and there is a lot less spatter. Aluminum wire feeding with an All-in-One system has been substantially improved with the introduction pulsd mig welding the Millermatic P Aluminum, as pulsd mig welding machine features a new true torque feed motor that provides continuous push force to the wire while the gun motor controls the speed at the gun.

The motors work together to provide accurate and positive wire feed speed without wire shaving or deformation. The wire comes out consistently instead of backing off. It makes the appearance of the weld much nicer.

However, they may not be aware that conventional TIG technology cannot pulse faster than 10 or 20 times a second.

An Introduction to Pulsed GMAW

Higher pulsing rates increase puddle agitation, which in turn produces a better molecular grain structure strength within the weld. Pulsing the current at higher speeds also constricts and focuses the arc. This produces a smaller heat-affected zone, reduces the risk of carbide precipitation and increases arc stability, penetration and travel speeds.

It can also reduce scrap rates and post-weld grinding. Operators set four variables when programming a pulsed Pulsd mig welding output: Increasing the number of pulses per second: Produces a smoother the ripple effect in the weld bead Narrows the weld bead Reduces heat input Increases travel speed H.

Arc Welding Tackling trim in pulsed MIG welding - The Fabricator

Lyons Company, a Kentucky manufacturer of stainless steel appliance components, switched from conventional TIG welders to TIG inverters for their high speed pulsing capabilities.

By increasing pulsing rates from 10 PPS up to PPS, the company cut welding time by up to 50 percent and reduced finishing time post-weld grinding by one-third. Combined, these benefits pulsd mig welding each welder to finish almost twice as many parts per shift. The pulsed TIG weld bead took 30 percent less time to weld and it requires almost no clean-up.

But, did you know that these machines actually provide a cost savings?


Pulsd mig welding you may pay a little more for these power sources initially, the advantages that they provide will decrease overall welding costs and provide a payback of your investment in the long run.

Advantages provided by pulsing machines include: Wire and gas savings Pulsed MIG machines offer a wider operating range because they extend the low and high range of each wire diameter.

For instance, pulsd mig welding the operator would have to stock. What this means is that rather than having two or three different sized wires, an operator would only require one.


Having one wire type minimizes inventory costs pulsd mig welding reduces changeover times. The same is true with shielding gas — one gas can reach both the low and high ranges of the application.

In addition, the different types of spare parts gun, gun tips, pulsd mig welding, etc. Reduction in spatter translates into significant cost savings because more of the melted wire is applied to the weld joint, not as surface spatter on the product and surrounding fixtures.

Pulsed MIG Welding Improves Quality, Saves Money

This also means less clean-up time. A reduction in the welding fumes creates a safer and healthier environment for the entire plant or shop. Heat pulsd mig welding Pulsing offers controlled heat input leading to less distortion and improved overall quality and appearance which means fewer production problems.

This is especially important with stainless, nickel and other alloys that are sensitive to heat input.