1Bab I Status Pasien I. Identitas 1. Nama 2. Umur 3. Jenis Kelamin 4. Pendidikan 5. Alamat 6. Tanggal periksa: Tn. Arif: 42 tah. pada ulkus diabetik grade dua di RSUD. Arifin Achmad Periode ulkus diabetikum derajat III dan IV. Wagner. Penatalaksanaan Diabetes Melitus. Terpadu. pada ulkus diabetik grade dua di RSUD ulkus diabetikum derajat III dan IV. Wagner. Laporan Penatalaksanaan Diabetes Melitus. Terpadu.


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Penatalaksanaan Ulkus Diabetikum

Kariadi General Hospital, Dr. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. This study attempted to determine the disease burden in terms of clinical profile and outcome of diabetic foot ulcer DFU admissions at a tertiary care hospital in a developing country.

In this descriptive study, the data were collected from the medical record of diabetic patients with foot ulcer who were treated in Dr. Kariadi General Hospital during a 3-year period. The demographic characteristic, type of foot lesion, etiology, isolated microorganism, treatment, and outcome were reviewed.

Foot problems accounted for All patients had type 2 diabetes with no gender predominance. The mean age was Before admission, the penatalaksanaan ulkus diabetikum had already developed for 4. Ulcers were neuropathic in The most common isolates from culture were Gram-negative bacteria.


A total of 98 Mortality rate due to DFU reached Diabetic foot problems constitute a source of morbidity, a reason for LEA surgery as well as being a cause of death among patients with diabetes mellitus.

Diabetic foot ulcers, clinical profiles, outcomes, Indonesia Introduction Diabetes is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases: Such a profound demographic penatalaksanaan ulkus diabetikum is likely to yield a corresponding increase in the prevalence of diabetes chronic complications, including those in the lower extremity, the diabetic foot [ 2 ].

Ppt lapkas Ulkus Diabetikum Pedis Sin

It is estimated that the annual population-based incidence of a diabetic foot ulcer DFU ranges from penatalaksanaan ulkus diabetikum. Despite the efforts of conservative therapy, there will always be a percentage of ulcers that necessitate hospitalization.

These cases may require surgical debridement, resection of distal osseus and soft tissue structure, endovascular intervention, daily dressings, strict glycemic control, and intravenous antibiotic therapy for eradication of infection [ 45 ].

Foot problems in diabetics can frequently be life or limb threatening, yet have not received the same level of attention as other diabetes complications [ 6 ].

Ppt lapkas Ulkus Diabetikum Pedis Sin | Documents

Until today, descriptive data regarding demographical and clinical factors in foot ulcers among diabetic patients in Indonesia are relatively few though we are all aware of its clinical importance [ 78 ].

In the current study, we attempt 1 to record the clinical profile and outcome of diabetic foot hospitalization, and 2 to provide a report which may become a reference for further improvement in diabetic foot management in our center, in Semarang city, Indonesia.

Methods Research design This study is a retrospective study reviewing the medical records of diabetic patients who were admitted to the Dr. Kariadi General Hospital with foot problems.

Kariadi General Hospital is a provincial hospital, penatalaksanaan ulkus diabetikum is also the central referral in Central Java and main penatalaksanaan ulkus diabetikum hospital of the Medical Faculty of Diponegoro University.

Patients with various diabetic complications are referred to this hospital.