Nicolau de Cusa : Um Pensador Na Fronteira de Dois Mundos.S. J. Eusebio Colomer - - Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 20 (4) - People/Characters: Nicolau de Cusa De la Edad Media al Renacimiento: Ramon Llull, Nicolas de Cuas, Juan Pico della Mirandola (Spanish Edition) by. Nicholas of Cusa (Nikolaus Cryfftz or Krebs in German, then Nicolaus There he wrote De concordantia catholica , arguing for the.


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He arbitrated in the conflict with the Hussites. Between the summer of and early he was a member of the delegation sent to Constantinople with the pope's approval to bring back the Byzantine emperor and his representatives nicolau de cusa the papally summoned Council of Florence ofwhich was attempting nicolau de cusa bring the Eastern Orthodox Church into union with the Western Catholic Church.

The reunion achieved at this conference turned out to be very brief. Nicholas would later claim in nicolau de cusa postfaced dedicatory letter of On Learned Ignorance, which Nicholas finished writing on 12 February that he had chosen to write on this metaphysical topic because of a shipboard experience of divine illumination while on the ship returning from this mission to Constantinople.


After a successful career as a papal envoy, he was made a cardinal by Pope Nicholas V in or In he was both named Bishop of Brixen nicolau de cusa, in Tyroland nicolau de cusa as a papal legate to the German lands to spread the message of reform.

This latter role, his 'Great Legation' ofinvolved travel of almost miles, preaching, teaching and reforming.

Sentido, simbolismo e interpretação no discurso filosófico de Nicolau de Cusa

He became known as the Hercules of the Eugenian cause. Pope Nicholas canceled some of Nicholas' decrees, and the effort to discourage pilgrimages to venerate the bleeding hosts of Wilsnack the so-called Holy Blood of Wilsnack was unsuccessful.

His work as bishop between and — trying to impose nicolau de cusa and reclaim lost diocesan revenues nicolau de cusa was opposed by Duke Sigismund of Austria. The duke imprisoned Nicholas infor which Pope Pius II excommunicated Sigismund and laid an interdict on his lands.

Nicholas of Cusa - Wikipedia

Nicholas of Cusa nicolau de cusa to Rome, but was never able to return to his bishopric. Nicolau de cusa died at Todi in Umbria on 11 August Sigmund's capitulation came a few days after Nicholas's death. His monument, with a sculpted image of the cardinal, remains. Two other tombstones, one medieval and one modern, also are found in the church.

In accordance with his wishes, his heart rests within the chapel altar at the Cusanusstift in Kues.


Nicolau de cusa this charitable institution that he had founded he bequeathed his entire inheritance: The Cusanusstift houses also many of his manuscripts.

Cusanus wrote of the enfolding of creation in God and their unfolding in creation.


He was suspected by some of holding pantheistic beliefs, but his writings were never accused of being heretical. The individual might rise above mere reason to the vision of the intellect, but the same person might fall back from such vision.

Theologically, Nicholas anticipated the profound implications of Reformed teaching on the harrowing of Hell Nicolau de cusa on Psalm He also wrote on squaring the circle in his mathematical treatises.

From the Catholic Encyclopedia edition: The astronomical views of the cardinal are scattered through his philosophical treatises. They evince complete independence of traditional doctrines, though they are based on symbolism of numbers, nicolau de cusa combinations of letters, and on abstract speculations rather than observation.

The earth is a star like other stars, is not the centre of the universe, is not at rest, nor are its poles fixed.