Published by RAM/Lukas&Sternberg,. If modernity warrants a return to the origin of art, then French curator and art critic Nicolas Bourriaud is right when. Nicolas Bourriaud - The Radicant - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Via e-mail, the press agent for the French consulate contacted me and said Nicolas Bourriaud was coming to town. Would I be interested in an.


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Radicalism represented, for modern thought, an instrument of liberation and struggle against traditional standards. But far from only generating modernism, it has pervaded the past century with a streak of violence and intolerance.

The idea is not here to criticize modernism, but on the contrary to facilitate its recomposition based on our own concepts. Modernity must be taken on a trip in our space-time by refusing to restrict it to its historicized form.

Being radicant is about acting out ones roots in heterogeneous contexts nicolas bourriaud the radicant formats, that is, to deny them any initial value; translating ideas, transcoding images, transplanting behaviors, exchanging rather than subtracting.

The culture of the twenty-first century is being invented before our very eyes through these works that aim to erase their origin and instead to benefit to a multitude of concurrent nicolas bourriaud the radicant successive roots.

Sternberg Press - Nicolas Bourriaud

It is as if these two elements, the landmark and its enclosure, constituted two entities that are both inseparable and equally worthy of interest. The faux stone of the well is covered in spots of spray-painted color; this is a reference to urban graffiti but the stains seem to nicolas bourriaud the radicant above the surface of the sculpture like colored clouds.

Votive kitsch, Buddhist statuary, graph, minimalistic art, informal art: In the world of the twenty-first century. The average individual of our time bears resemblance to these plants that do not rely on a single root and grow vertically nicolas bourriaud the radicant trail in all directions.


Their insecure identities are the nicolas bourriaud the radicant stems that bend down to the earth to form new roots.

Radicant plants grow in a way that is not determined by the ground they seeded in.

For a Radicant Art • Articles • PCA – STREAM

In the same way, a radicant artist would trace journeys in both history and geography. This seems rather logical given that the idea of a single space is the ultimate objective of global capitalism. Translated nicolas bourriaud the radicant economic terms, this world would be a vast common market, a free zone that no border would segment.

Time and History are discriminating agents however.

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They are causes of division that globalization aspires to extirpate or trivialize, or, in other terms, to incorporate in the realm of free trade. The only solution offered to artists nicolas bourriaud the radicant wish to avoid participating in this general toning down of culture is to activate space through time, and time through space, to restore fault lines, divisions, fences, and passages where there is nothing more than the fluid space of goods.

Nicolas Bourriaud: From Radical to Radicant

We carry our culture with us—fragments of identity, nostalgic debris or self-assertions—, or connect to our place of origin through the Internet or parables.

So what did he have to say? In about 20 minutes, quite a lot. We sat nicolas bourriaud the radicant each other on a bench in the gallery.

I thought that he coined the term. It comes right after radical, a word which means a plant with a single root. Radicant is much different: Like strawberries or ivy.

The Radicant

You cannot say my origins are this or this. Your origins are multiple. Following after modernism and then post-modernism in the 20th century, the altermodern describes a nicolas bourriaud the radicant without recognized centres where the links and connections between the nodes are critical.