Chapters: My Uncle Napoleon, the Septembers of Shiraz, Kalidar,. Source: Wikipedia. Free updates online. Not illustrated. Excerpt: My Uncle Napoleon. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The obsessions of Dear Uncle Napoleon, as Pezeshkzad's eponymous Iranian patriarch is nicknamed, furnish this. READERS GUIDE. Questions and Topics for Discussion. 1. In her Introduction to My Uncle Napoleon, Azar Nafisi suggests that readers “will recognize that while.


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My Uncle Napoleon Reader’s Guide

A promiscuous woman who is a dancer at a nightclub. Akhtar's boyfriend, a street thug.

A bitter old woman who has never been married and is always in search of funerals to attend. A Sikh Indian businessman; though not a military man, his honorific Persian title of Sardar means my uncle napoleon.

Dear Uncle thinks that he is an English spy. The Sardar's blonde British wife. Shir Ali the Butcher: A giant, violent butcher, very protective of his wife's honour, but too much of a simpleton to realise what's going on in his house.

The "Shir" of his name means "lion". Shir Ali's lascivious beautiful wife whom everyone in the neighbourhood from Dustali Khan to Asadollah Mirza sleep with.

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A local cobbler and shoe shiner whom Dear Uncle believes is sent from the Germans to protect him from the British. Dear Uncle's maid and chef. English translation publication history[ edit ]. I would put My Uncle Napoleon in a cherished place very near the top.

my uncle napoleon

The secret garden

One reason my uncle napoleon this choice is that it is a great read. More pragmatically, I believe this novel provides its readers - in a delightful and deliciously politically incorrect manner - with many important insights into Iranits culture and traditions, its present conflicts and past history, as well as its paradoxical relation to the west.

My Uncle Napoleon is in many ways a refutation of the grim and hysterical images of Iran that have dominated the western world for almost three decades.

On so many different levels this novel represents Iran's confiscated and muted voices, revealing a culture filled with a deep sense of irony and humour, as well as sensuality and tenderness.

The very structure of the novel, its use of farce, and its frank and entertaining investigation of love and eroticism go against any my uncle napoleon or puritanical doctrine, be it Islamic or otherwise. The novel is firmly rooted in an important Iranian literary tradition, one that traces its roots back at least years ago to the satiric poetry of Obeyd Zakani.

Since the beginning my uncle napoleon the 20th century some of the best Iranian writers and poets have used satire and farce to articulate the dilemmas of modern Iran, among them Sadegh Hedayat, Hossein Moghadam, Dehkhoda, Iraj Mirza.


My Uncle Napoleon is the story of a pathetic and pathological man who, because of his failure in real life, turns himself into a Napoleon in my uncle napoleon fantasies and becomes convinced of a British plot to destroy him.

It gripped the Iranian imagination to such an extent that since its publication in it has sold millions of copies and has been turned into perhaps the most popular television series in my uncle napoleon history of modern Iran.

My Uncle Napoleon

Banned by the censors of the Islamic Republic inboth the book and television serial have thrived underground. Part of this phenomenal success is because, like all good works of fiction, My Uncle Napoleon is rooted in the reality it fictionalises.

It reveals an essential truth about life in contemporary Iran. In a speech my uncle napoleon the University of California at Los Angeles, Pezeshkzad traced the my uncle napoleon of Uncle Napoleon's character to his own childhood, when, listening to grown-ups, he was baffled by the way they indiscriminately labelled most politicians "British lackeys".

Iranian Novels: My Uncle Napoleon, the Septembers of Shiraz, Kalidar, by Books LLC

This obsession was so pervasive that some Iranians even claimed Hitler was a British stooge and Germany's bombing of London a nefarious plot hatched by My uncle napoleon Intelligence.

Similar sinister musings were spouted recently when, after the bombings in London last July, the powerful Iranian cleric Ahmad Janati, chair of the Council of Guardians of the Revolution, claimed in a nationally broadcast sermon that "the British government itself created this situation".

Janati also blamed the Americans for the attacks on September 11 After the publication of My Uncle Napoleon many, including the late prime minister Amir Abbass Hoveyda -who, in a macabre twist of fate, was accused of being an imperialist stooge, among other charges, and was murdered by the My uncle napoleon regime - were convinced that Dear Uncle Napoleon was based on a family member.

To this day, it is cited as "the most important and well-loved work of Iranian fiction since World War II" Ryan and "a testament to the complexity, vitality, and flexibility of Iranian culture and society" Nafisi It is noted for its lampooning of the widespread Iranian belief that the English are responsible for events that occur in Iran.