The original A Maths Dictionary for Kids is an animated, interactive online math dictionary for students which explains over common mathematical terms and math words in simple language with definitions, examples, activities, practice and calculators. math. Math is the science of numbers. Math is the common, shortened form of mathematics, which comes from the Greek mathematike tekhne, "mathematical science," from the root mathema, "knowledge or science." Math is one of the basic subjects that are covered in nearly every school, from basic addition to calculus. Dictionary Maths And Formuls offline contains over 4, Maths terminology covering all commonly encountered maths terms and concepts, as well as terms.


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Please Search the Mathematics word of which you want to know meaning of here: This is a dictio-nary for middle school students, teachers, parents, and anyone else interested in learning more about mathematical topics in the middle school curriculum.

We will have fun creating a this Dictio-nary using the A,B,C, Use the controls to choose the sign language you prefer; view the illustration; speed up or slow down the signing; and send the character to his "home" or default position.

math dictionary

Math Dictionary

Increasing the participation of people with disabilities in computing fields Increasing the participation math dictionary people with disabilities in computing fields The Signing Math Dictionary: A Promising Practice for Teaching and Learning Math Vocabulary The Signing Math Dictionary SMD uses the SigningAvatar accessibility software to provide an illustrated, interactive, three dimensional 3D sign language dictionary of standards-based mathematics terms for students in grades four through eight who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The "angle" of the rotation is how far around the circles the points math dictionary. A rotation in three-dimensional space is a rigid motion that keeps the points on one line fixed, called the "axis" of the rotation, with the rest of the points moving some constant angle around circles centered on and perpendicular to the axis.

math dictionary In the context of a spinner or a circle graph, a "sector" is one of the sections of the graph. In fractals, the shapes of lines at different iterations look like smaller versions of the earlier shapes sequence An ordered set whose elements are usually determined based on some function of the counting numbers set A set is a collection of things, without regard to their order significant digits The number of digits to consider when using measuring numbers.

Junior illustrated maths dictionary

There are three rules in determining the number of digits considered significant in a number. The units of measurement of the slope are units of y per unit of x cf. Also, the inverse of addition superscript In mathematics, superscripts are numbers or letters written above and to the right of other numbers or letters or symbols indicating how many times the latter is to be used as a factor.

In line symmetry, each point on one side of math dictionary line has a corresponding point on the opposite side of the line picture a butterfly, with wings that are identical on either side. Plane symmetry refers to similar figures being repeated at different but regular locations on the plane T A tessellation is a repeated geometric design that covers a plane without gaps or overlaps theoretical probability The chances of events happening as determined by calculating results that would occur under ideal circumstances.


Contrast with experimental probability theories of probability A theory of probability is a way of understanding probability statements. That is, math dictionary theory of probability connects the mathematics of probability, which is the set of consequences of the axioms of probability, with the real world of observation and experiment.

There are several common theories of probability.

A Maths Dictionary for Kids Interactive by Jenny Eather

According to the frequency theory of probability, the probability of an math dictionary is the limit of the percentage of times that the event occurs in repeated, independent trials under essentially the same circumstances. According to the subjective theory of probability, probability is a number that measures how strongly we believe an event will occur.

See frequency view and personal view tolerance Tolerance is the amount of error accepted in a given situation.

Originally denoting the mathematical sciences collectively, including geometry, astronomy, optics. Also called a map. Transformations can occur when there is a reflection, a rotation, a translation, or a glide reflection of math dictionary original image.