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The Amazon jungle is one of the last true frontiers on Earth. To this day, most of it is unexplored. People seldom realize that the Amazon basin is nearly as large as the continental United States. Imagine that everything west of Washington DC was karl brugger vast, virtually impenetrable karl brugger filled with anacondas, fierce cats, huge crocodiles, savage Indians, and, apparently, lost cities.

Karl Brugger Books - Biography and List of Works - Author of 'The Chronicle Of Akakor'

Brugger subsequently recorded several interviews with Tatunca and then joined him in an attempt to return to his home, karl brugger secret city of Akakor.

Tatunca Nara, says Brugger, was tall with long, dark hair and a finely molded face. He had brown eyes, narrowed and full of suspicion.

This, in itself, defies belief, as no written language, we are told, existed among South American tribes, including the Incas. He went on to say that they spoke Quechua, a written language of 1, symbols, all yielding different meanings depending on their sequence.


Karl brugger the year zero, men lived like animals, without laws, without tilling the soil, without clothing themselves. Enormous blasts of fire illuminated the plain.

The earth shook, and thunder echoed over the hills. The strangers looked very much like men, with fine features, white skin, bluish black hair, and thick beards. The only difference was: Tatunca Nara at one point spoke about the knowledge of the Former Masters. Akanis, Akakor, and Akahim.


Fast-forward to the year 12,the Ugha Mongulala attacked a white settlement on the upper reaches of the Santa Maria River, killing all the men and taking four women captive. Three drowned in an karl brugger to escape on the return to Akakor, but one survived, a German missionary named Reinha.

Together they gave birth to Tatunca Nara. She was gone for one year and then returned with three German leaders. After long negotiations, the leaders of Akakor and the Germans agreed to an alliance.

In the year 12,the Germans would karl brugger on the coast and occupy the larger cities.

Karl Brugger

The Ugha Mongulala were to support the campaign by making raids on the white settlements in the interior. After the expected victory, Brazil would be divided into two territories: In the year 12,a plane crashed near Akakor.

Prince Sinkaia ordered his son, Tatunca Nara, to go to the karl brugger to slay the survivors, who were being held by another tribe. But Tatunca disobeyed and conducted the survivors to Manaus. The 12 survivors were officers of the Karl brugger government, all obviously thankful to Tatunca Nara.

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In an inner chamber karl brugger found four bodies—three men and one woman, he said. Mummified, these bodies were extremely well preserved and normal in every respect—except they had six fingers and six toes!

As new leader of the tribe, Tatunca Nara felt it was useless to fight the White Barbarians any longer, especially since another cataclysm was predicted inaccording to karl brugger Chronicle of Akakor, which date has obviously come and gone without the cataclysm.