There is “at present no proposal” to bring a fresh Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill aimed at laying down judicial standards and. The Committee on Judicial Accountability (CJA) is a group of lawyers in India who work to The Committee on Judicial Accountability issued a highly critical report on the Judges Enquiry Bill, , saying of that bill that it "is going to reduce. The pressing call for greater institutional accountability in the Indian that Parliament's proposed Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill.


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The Bill, however, met with resistance from a section of the legal fraternity which felt that it would compromise judicial independence. The proposed law subsequently went into cold storage.

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Judicial accountability bill said that this would at least enable the judge who is found guilty both by the enquiry committee and Parliament to be deprived of terminal benefits like pension.

At present, judges who resign before they are impeached can still enjoy the perks attached judicial accountability bill their retirement.

The move initiated against Misra will not be completed before his superannuation in October. The other question is that while facing an impeachment motion, can Misra be denied judicial and administrative work?

Impeachment moves against judges are always political – but safeguards exist against arbitrariness

The issue is without precedent, so another question is, who can pass such an order? Agrawal, this instance was also brought before the then Chief Justice of India P.

Disclosure of complaints against other Judges The CIC opined that if complaints against Judges are rejected for any reason, the fact of such rejection can be shared, without disclosing the names and contents of judicial accountability bill allegations.

There is no reason why the judiciary should not be judicial accountability bill to the community for due performance of the functions vested in it.

Power is given on trust and judicial power is no exception. But at the same time it must be developed consistent with the principles of judicial independence.


Judicial accountability bill challenge, however, is to determine how the judiciary can be held to account, consistent with the principle of judicial independence. There is a need to achieve the right balance between autonomy in decision making and independence from external forces on the one hand and accountability to the judicial accountability bill on the other hand.

Regular election of judges or their recall by popular vote, is neither required nor recommended. Further enforcement of judicial accountability should be done by the judiciary itself.


It is not clear whether the power of the Oversight Committee to impose minor measures is constitutionally valid. Important bodies National Judicial Oversight Committee: The Oversight Committee shall have supervisory powers regarding investigation into complaints against judges, and also the power to impose minor measures.

It shall consist of a former Chief Justice and two sitting judges of that cour t. The Oversight Committee has non-judicial members which might impinge on the independence of the judiciary. The Bill penalises anyone who breaches the confidentiality of complaints.

In a system judicial accountability bill half the litigants must necessarily lose their cases, and where most of the complaints against judges are frivolous and made by disgruntled litigants, this bill, if implemented, would mark the beginning of the end of the judiciary.

Demands judicial accountability bill change to existing systems in the judiciary must be met rationally, bearing in mind the objectives sought to be achieved.

Lok Sabha passes Judicial accountability Bill - The Hindu

The first site of change must be in the process of judicial appointments. The present system where judges of the superior courts are chosen based on undisclosed criterion in largely unknown circumstances reflects an increasing democratic deficit.

The legitimacy of the judiciary ultimately flows from public support, which cannot be maintained without a transparent and open selection process. The guiding principle should always be this: Ultimately, the appropriate balance between competing principles must be found in something that is best suited judicial accountability bill our constitutional setup and is, in that sense, uniquely Indian.