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Islamic Studies (ISL201)

Those who ignore or reject or refuse to believe Allah and who worshiped false gods rather isl201 islamic studies Allah, The Creatorin this worldwill go to Hell forever in the next world. Muslims do not believe in Incarnation reborn again to this world.

Next Stage The end isl201 islamic studies for disobedient soul is to enter Hell fire. The end stage for obedient soul is peaceful to enter paradise in the form of new creation with different forms. Subsequently, the revelations came over 23 years and were compiled in the form of a book called the Qur an which is the final and the last word of God.

The Quran has been preserved, unchanged, in its original form and confirms the truth in the Torah, the psalms and the Gospel. Can we write Roman Urdu instead of English in isl? How many lectures in midterm and final term?

Midterm exam will be conducted from lecture 1 to 8 whereas final term exam will be conducted from lecture 1 to Can we submit assignments and projects in Roman Urdu?


Yes, you can submit your assignments and projects in Roman Urdu. It should be kept in mind that Roman Urdu is not a proper word but the word "transliteration" is correct use in this case. What are the requirements of Faith? The requirement of faith is to believe in Allah and His Angels, His Books and His Messengers, and the Day of Judgment isl201 islamic studies that all good and evil and fate is from Almighty Allah and it is sure that there will be resurrection after death.

What is the Exact meaning of Uswa?

ISL Islamic Studies Assignment No.2 Solution and Discussion Fall

W is Pracrical Example for us. The Uswa means example, pattern or way of life. The individual and the collective life of our Holy prophet Muhammad S.

W both are an excellent pattern for us, and we have to both of them. T says in Holy Qura n: W and we never follow isl201 islamic studies for example, keeping 9 wives at a time in Nikah, obligation farziyyat of Tahajjud prayer, Fasting without any break soam-e-wisaal seeing of Allah S.

W is good example for every Muslim to success in this life and in hereafter. The prophets frequently stated, and proved with their acts, that they were mortals like everybody, that they would be held 4 responsible for their acts of worship and for all orders given to them by Allah, that they had no immunity, that they had no isl201 islamic studies or choice to act against the orders of Allah which they conveyed to the people, rather that they abstained from such acts and sought shelter in Allah.

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To those who were baffled by the fact that a human was sent as a prophet, Allah reminded the people that the previous prophets who had been sent to the isl201 islamic studies had been mortals who had fathered children, ate and drank, and isl201 islamic studies in the markets among the people and Allah explained that they should not see this as being unusual.

He could have sent them prophets who were angels, yet even if angels had been sent, people would still think in a similar way and be amazed and confused.