IIT JEE Paper 1 Problem 49 Lagrange's Formula. IIT JEE Physics Formula Revision 7. Circular motion. Angular variables θ = angular position of the particle ω = angular velocity = d θ/dt. Short Review of formulas (for one electron atom or ions). 1. Velocity of electron in nth orbit = vn = x Z/n m/s. 2. Radius of nth orbit = rn = x 10–


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For better revision, you can stick small notes on your bedroom walls.

IIT JEE Preparation - How to remember the formulas?

Make the formulas interesting In order to make understanding easy, you should write the formulas in big letters. The main motive behind writing the formulas in iit physics formulas letter, it will be visible to you whenever you enter the room.

You may color the formulas to differentiate the formulas.

Mentally visualize the formulas Mental visualization is important to check whether you remember the formulas or not. That is why I would advise you to not only use other formula books and cheats but also to make iit physics formulas own formula book.

Below given are a few steps I tabulated in this picture to create a formula book: Once you feel positive and focussed, read through all the formulas again and again.

Link Formula with Concepts Conceptual understanding of a formula makes it easier to remember.


Instead of just trying to memorize it, try to understand it. If one more child climbs up on the chart increasing its mass, the speed will get reduced.

Hence, acceleration will be directly proportional to Force and inversely proportional to mass. Linking formulas with the concepts will improve your understanding of applications of the concept and iit physics formulas you learn formulae faster too.

IIT JEE Preparation – Tips to Memorize Formulas

Once your basic concepts are cleared, concentrate on the scoring topics like Mechanics. Pay extra attention to Thermodynamics as it is common to Physics and Chemistry.

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Solving JEE Advanced practice papers regularly is a must. Practice only when you are not stressed. In Inorganic Chemistry, concentrate mostly on the concepts, the processes, and their applications.

Study Iit physics formulas Patience And Attention: Your first aim before going to solve is to remember all themes for that topic so read and memorize all that you make. Every days until you got all in mind. After that problem solving will be faster and accurate.

Important Formulas for JEE Mains: Physics - Engineering

Now all your stuff is ready for last time reading as well as for daily iit physics formulas. When I was preparing for IAS exams I had my physics formula bank and after only one day reading of formula I did attempted all problems in physics paper.

I passed it three times.