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This guide was produced by Keithb23

For USB to work you must be able to communicate with your android device through adb. This is the command language that android uses to communicate with the pc.

HTG has a good site on setting up ADB here

I have provided some links below for the software required and some pages for reference. The HTG directions are very complete, though, and should get you up and running.

Setup your device for USB connection by following the steps on this site:

Using Hardware Devices

Install Java - make sure it is the 32bit version even if you are running x64

You can get Java from here.

Install the Android SDK

Download the SDK from here and then follow the instructions on this site.

Installing the Eclipse ADT Bundle

Make sure you have the correct driver for your android device installed

OEM USB Drivers

After installing a driver, confirm that it is working properly by opening a command prompt and then type "adb devices". If everything is working correctly your tablet should show up looking something like this: