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Feature not included in Trail versions

VDash allows you to export your creations in simple zip formats. You can export a single view, or you can export entire Dashes including all the views and their assets (such as fonts and textures). These zips can then be shared between friends, or uploaded onto the VDash website for public availability.

If archive is selected (as highlighted above) the produced zip files will be stored in the sdcard, under the build name. For example, /sdcard/VDash Pro/Dashes would contain Dash exports.

VDash also maintains a concept of versions. You can add versioning information to your Dash (such as a version number and recent changes). If you have added VDash website authentication details to the app, you can upload updates to your Dashes directly inside the VDash app, as seen below.

Or, you can tap 'To App' and share the produced file to another app such as Google Drive or Dropbox.