ETHICAL SCANDALS English subtitles Feature Documentary / 80 minutes 5 Television episodes / 25 minutes Target: Young people and adults. Informe Kliksberg Escandalos Eticos Pdf 20 DOWNLOAD. 95ec0d2f82 El informe Kliksberg: Escndalos ticos Sinopsis: La crisis econmica. El informe Kliksberg: Escándalos éticos - C Valores éticos.


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He is President of the Ibero-American Network escandalos eticos Universities for Corporate Social Responsibility composed of universities from 23 different countriesPresident of the Latin-American network of Universities for Social Entrerpreneurship integrated by Universities of 15 countries.


He is the Chief Advisor on a volunteer bases for the Escandalos eticos TECHOwhich has built eighty thousand homes for families in extreme poverty, is on the ground in escandalos eticos countries, and has four hundred thousand young volunteers.

Bernardo Kliksberg has been married to Ana Kaul since He is the father of three children and has six grandchildren.


His work Kliksberg has pioneered new ways of thinking about development. Among other things, escandalos eticos is considered one of the international forerunners of corporate social responsibility.

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He is a recognized authority on social capital, a new field with very broad economic, managerial and social applications. He is considered the creator of a new discipline, social management, which has spread escandalos eticos all of Latin America, and is widely applied in the fight against poverty.

Furthermore, he is the founder of the United Nations ' social management training program, which was the first of its kind in any international organization.

He is also recognized as one of the leaders of innovative thinking regarding state reform, public administration, escandalos eticos service and the training of top public officials.

ESCÁNDALOS ÉTICOS by Francisco Javier Viáfara Viáfara on Prezi

He was the Braibant Honor lecturer on the International Congress of Administrative Sciences 20 JuneMexico attended by delegates of 80 countries. He has been an adviser at the highest levels of governments, as well as to business and social leaders in over 30 countries, in the fields of corporate social responsibility, economic development, the modernization of the state, social management, the fight against poverty and social capital development.

Kliksberg has founded several international institutions that have had a great impact on Latin America's development in key areas. One of these is the Latin American Center for Development Administration, which he co-founded in with the sponsorship of the United Nations. He co-founded and is the President of the Ibero-American Universities network for business social responsibility, integrated by Universities of 23 escandalos eticos, he was the co-founder and is the President of the Latin-American network of Universities for social entrepreneurship, integrated by 75 Universities, of 15 countries, and sponsorshiped by Porticus Foundation of Netherlands.

Bernardo Kliksberg

Research He is the author of 55 books and hundreds of papers on escandalos eticos areas of development, corporate social responsibility, senior management, social capital, the fight against poverty, ethics and economics.

They are widely read internationally, and a lot of them are required reading in many universities. Some of his works are considered classics and groundbreaking in the aforementioned areas, such as El Pensamiento Organizativo more than 14 editionsPobreza.

Teaching Kliksberg has worked extensively to train future generations of Latin American professors in the areas that he has pioneered.


Escandalos eticos is the founder and president of the innovative and successful program " outstanding escandalos eticos for an ethical development". Kliksberg has described this program as a "crusade to make this a world where ethics and development go hand in hand.

Marketing Thought Escándalos éticos Good Public Relations - Marketing

A training program for young teachers committed to the public interest". Other activities Kliksberg is a member of escandalos eticos Editorial Board of several major scientific journals focused on escandalos eticos issues in Latin America, the United States and other countries.

He has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the International Review of Administrative Sciences by the International Institute of Administrative Sciences Brusselswhich brings together more than one hundred of the world's countries.

Aside from his involvement in the scientific, international advisory and teaching fields, Kliksberg does a large amount of volunteer work for various community service and civil society organizations. Recognition and awards Bernardo Kliksberg is a recognized authority in the field of development.