The Darkangel ([The Darkangel trilogy) [Meredith Ann Pierce] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The servant girl Aeriel must choose. Find the complete Darkangel Trilogy book series by Meredith Ann Pierce. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US shipping on orders over. Darkangel Trilogy. 6 Rated Books 9 Rated Books Book Reviews Book Review: The Darkangel by Meredith Ann Pierce. Title: The Darkangel Author: Meredith.


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At first she thinks she too will become one of his brides but he scoffs at the idea, claiming that she is too ugly.

Instead he has brought her to his castle as a servant; she is to weave the clothes for his brides and when he chooses his 14th and final bride it will be Aeriel that dark angel trilogy the bridal gown. Below the castle, in deep caves, lives a little man by the name of Talb. A magician of sorts, he helps Aeriel survive her first few months there, providing her with food and company when the voices of the wraith brides become too much.

She even becomes close to the Dark angel trilogy, sharing stories with him and coming to care for him, although she does not realize dark angel trilogy at first.

While the Darkangel is cruel and seems heartless, Aeriel still sees some good in him. Taken Up to Eleven at the end of the third book. The darkangel drank his brides' blood but collected their souls in vials for the lorelei.

Getting them back so they can die properly is the wraiths' main preoccupation.

The Darkangel Trilogy - Wikipedia

The lorelei's palace is also a freezer full of souls, who ascend to heaven after its destruction. And Ravenna transfers a dark angel trilogy of herself into the pearl of the soul of the world.


Most of the Witch's minions, including the full darkangels. Contrast the characters whose souls have artificial bodies, like the Avarclon, Melkior, and Aeriel.

Aeriel dark angel trilogy Irrylath, dark angel trilogy heart-wringing effect by the end of the last book. Aeriel leans towards this in her time of service to the darkangel. However, it's important to note that her initial adoration of the darkangel's beauty is eventually broken once she returns from the desert.

It's a crucial plot-point that she's able to operate outside his thrall.

The Darkangel Trilogy

Sufficiently Advanced Bamboo Technology: The pearl of the soul of the world: Erin masquerades as a boy for dark angel trilogy of her travels with Aeriel in the second book. Duaroughs turn to stone if exposed to sunlight. The leaders of the seven darkangel-corrupted countries and Isternes are very closely related by the end of the trilogy.

Irrylath's mother Syllva is the Lady of Isternes, whose seven sons ride the lons into battle and are invited to rule their respective countries after Aeriel refuses the crowns, with the exception of Pirsalon's rider Hadin, who becomes the heir of Isternes.

Syllva's long-lost sister Eryka married the late suzerain of Pirs and became the mother of Aeriel and her twin Roshka, who becomes the new ruler of Pirs after their father's brother is presumably deposed. Meanwhile Irrylath's paternal cousin Sabr has been the queen of Avaric-in-exile since his father's death and Syllva's return to Isternes, and might eventually marry Irrylath.

The Darkangel

Syllva is said to have wept these when she thought her son had drowned. The Feasting Stone in the temple of Orm is an artifact of the Ancients that transports offerings to them in their far-off cities by first disintegrating them.

It apparently hasn't weathered the centuries too well though, dark angel trilogy it disintegrates them very, very slowly. Ravenna stayed in Aeriel's world to try to save dark angel trilogy.

The Darkangel (Darkangel Trilogy, #1) by Meredith Ann Pierce

She is old, and hopes to pass all her knowledge and sorcery to a successor, who will take care of the world. Her daughter is the White Witch, who turned to evil when she found out she was a "halfling" and could not go to Dark angel trilogy. Ravenna charges Aeriel with carrying a pearl filled with all her knowledge to the Witch.

She must persuade the Witch to turn from evil and take up the task of saving the world.