Words associated with Canada are given British and American pronunciations alongside the Canadian pronunciation(s). Where a word is associated with an. The way Canadian English is pronounced is close to the US accent – but it's still utterly unique and the product of singular forces, writes. view main entry for Canadian adjective /kəˈneɪdiən/. British English pronunciation: Canadian. Click to listen to the pronunciation of Canadian.


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Canadian english pronunciation usage may depend on the region or even the individual institution. In Quebec, the speaker if Francophone will often say primary one, primary two a direct translation from the Frenchand so on; while Anglophones will say grade one, grade two.

Irish First Class, Second Class and so on. The specific high-school grades and university years are therefore stated and canadian english pronunciation for example, the grade 12s failed to graduate; John is in his second year at McMaster. The "first year", "third year" designation also applies to Canadian law school students, as opposed to the common American usage of "1L", "2L" and "3L".

The Beginners Guide to Canadian Pronunciation | Can Learn English

Nonetheless, Imperial units are still used in many situations. This is also the case for many Quebec Francophones.


Distances while playing golf are always marked and discussed in yards, though canadian english pronunciation scorecards may also show metres. Temperatures for cooking are often given in Fahrenheitwhile the weather is given in Celsius. Directions in the Prairie provinces are sometimes given using miles, because the country roads generally follow the canadian english pronunciation grid of the Dominion Land Survey.

Canadians measure property, both residential and commercial, in square feet exclusively. By Thomas Rogers 21 September Canada has always faced several obstacles in defining itself to the outside world.

Canadian English - Wikipedia

And, more esoterically, there is the conundrum of the Canadian accent: In the USA, "college" and "university" are basically the same thing. In fact, to an American, saying you're "in university" or a "university student" sounds a bit strange.

If someone is going to a school for a certificate or non-Bachelor degree, it's usually at a "community college". In Canada, an institution with four-year Bachelor programs is usually a "university", especially if it has graduate programs. If you say "college" in Canada, it's like "junior college" or canadian english pronunciation college" in the US.

It's also true that people from Vancouver speak a little canadian english pronunciation than people from Toronto. And between the two countries, people from Portland sound a lot like people from Vancouver, and people from Minnesota sound a lot like people from Manitoba.

The Beginners Guide to Canadian Pronunciation

And of course, every individual speaks a bit differently from the next individual. It's very difficult to find many general rules for Canadian and American English differences.

Vowels, for instance, love to change but when they change in Canada they have been shown to rarely — for some changes never—cross canadian english pronunciation Canada-US border.

Then, be brave and use them in public.

BBC - Culture - Where does Canada’s accent come from?

Watch the reaction of those you are conversing with. Do they understand what you mean by what you say? Secret 4 — Listen to canadian english pronunciation recording and then compare yours Another suggestion is to listen to a recording of a native speaker.

You can start with one sentence at a time. When you think it most clearly matches the model sentence, record your sentence.

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Concentrate on the intonation and pronunciation. As you gain canadian english pronunciation and make progress, add longer sentences with more complex words. No matter what language you speak, you will have different sounds and rhythms than in English.

As you become more familiar with root-words and how letter groupings should be pronounced, you will find yourself more confident using those sounds in everyday speech. You will canadian english pronunciation able to transfer the sounds and patterns to other words, increasing the ease with which you will retain the English accent.