An Anthropologist on Mars has ratings and reviews. Pouting said: I've read about neurologist Oliver Sacks in other books but I'm pretty sure t. To these seven narratives of neurological disorder, Dr. Sacks brings the same humanity, poetic observation, and infectious sense of wonder that are apparent in. Temple Grandin: 'I'm an anthropologist from Mars'. The academic world's best-known autistic scholar tells David Cohen about her life and work.


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They lack a "cow's eye" view of life.


Anthropologist on mars that this scholar lacks for a woman's eye, either. Among her latest book's startling introductory anecdotes - and one that sets the tone of its generally accessible style - is the anthropologist on mars of how, as a young psychology researcher in the late s who was known to have an unusual condition, she was summoned to Harvard University to meet the noted behaviourist BF Skinner.

For her, entering the great scholar's office was like walking into anthropologist on mars Temple of Psychology". In the event, the room was a humdrum affair, and so was Skinner's couch conversation, at least initially.

An Anthropologist On Mars

I wasn't in a sexy dress, I was in a conservative dress, and that was the last thing I expected. It was the neurologist Oliver Sacks, whose groundbreaking descriptions of people with various neurological disabilities helped to educate anthropologist on mars earlier generation on the workings of the mind, who first introduced her to an international audience in the late s, lauding the earliest of her books for its anthropologist on mars inside narrative of the still-mysterious spectrum of disorders that afflicts perhaps as many as one in Britons.

  • An Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales by Oliver Sacks
  • An Anthropologist On Mars by Oliver Sacks |
  • An Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales
  • Seven Paradoxical Tales

anthropologist on mars How many of those sufferers might, like Grandin, occupy positions at universities is a question of growing interest to sympathetic scholarly observers, too. A few years ago, one of Britain's best-known autism specialists, Cambridge University's Simon Baron-Cohen, along with the mathematician Ioan M James, of Oxford University, made scientific headlines by arguing that at least three of the well-known personality traits of Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton - fanatical personal interests, difficulty in social relationships, and profound communication problems - anthropologist on mars that these men were autistic.

Temple Grandin: 'I'm an anthropologist from Mars'

Elsewhere, Baron-Cohen has made much of academia, with its emphasis on narrow, even obsessional fixations, providing a natural resting place for other "high-functioning" individuals with the condition's traits.

Grandin doesn't disagree, although she points out, ironically, that it may have been easier in the days when the condition was less anthropologist on mars understood for gifted sufferers to land plum positions at universities than in what she sees as today's more strait-laced times.

In the case of Einstein, in particular, she argues that if the great physicist were alive now, his personality "quirks" would have made it hard for him to gain admission to a university, which in turn would have made it all but impossible to get his early work anthropologist on mars, thus robbing the last century of one of its most muscular scientific minds.

I just don't think it would happen.


An Einstein today would end up driving the FedEx truck or something, rather than concentrating on his theories. Anthropologist on mars could I do the prerequisites required to get in today - you know, algebra, calculus, chemical equations?

I don't think so. Yet here am I, one of America's leading people when it comes to the medication of autism. What does that tell you? This may sound quite dry if you're not into reading anthropologist on mars bizarre behavior from brain circuitry goes awry, but Sacks makes the science very palatable.

He acts as our well-traveled anthropologist on mars guide as we explore the everyday lives and thinking processes of seven people who have made creative use of their cognitive hiccups.

An Anthropologist on Mars - Wikipedia

Some of the patients featured in this collection o In An Anthropologist on Mars, Oliver Sacks seamlessly weaves fascinating patient stories and lessons in neurology for the layperson. Some of the patients featured in this collection anthropologist on mars case studies have managed neurological differences from birth; others have had to re-program and mourn grave deficits due to freak events.

Sacks explains the malleability and compensatory functions built into the brain when one portion becomes dim. Perhaps more importantly, he demonstrates via his subjects how the human spirit also adapts after sensory loss. Sacks concludes that "defects, disorders, [and] diseases Essays[ edit ] anthropologist on mars Case of the Colorblind Painter" discusses an accomplished artist who is suddenly struck by cerebral achromatopsia or the inability to perceive color anthropologist on mars to brain damage.


Sacks' discussion of the case includes a comparison with Phineas Gagethe American railroad worker who survived for eleven years after an accident in which a large iron rod was driven completely through his head.

Carl Bennett, anthropologist on mars surgeon and amateur pilot with Tourette syndrome.