Akashi (明石) was a Suma-class cruiser protected cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The armor, of the Harvey armor variety, covered only vital areas, such as the boilers, gun magazines and critical machinery, with a thickness of 25  Armour‎: ‎Deck‎: 50 mm (2 in) (slope), 25 mm (1 i. Explore @ne Instagram profile with posts and download its posts | Is a printed-publication #akasimagazine. photography magazine (ne) profile, status, biography on Instagram. k followers • 80 following • images. Is a printed-publication.


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Background[ edit ] Akashi was designed and built akasi magazine Yokosuka Naval Arsenalas part of an Imperial Japanese Navy program to end its dependence on foreign powers for modern warships, using an all-Japanese design and all-Japanese materials.

She was laid down on 6 Augustlaunched on 18 December and completed on 30 March However, as with most Japanese designs of the period, she proved to be top-heavy and had issues with seaworthiness and stability. The armor, of the Harvey armor variety, covered only vital areas, such as the boilers, gun magazines and critical machinery, with a thickness of 25 millimetres 0.

The main guns had a range of up to 9, metres 4. Akasi magazine armament consisted of six QF 4.

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These guns had a range of up to 9, metres 4. She also had ten QF 3 pounder Hotchkiss guns, with a range of up to 6, metres 3. The first overseas akasi magazine of Akashi was from July to Novemberto support Japanese naval landing forces which occupied the port akasi magazine of Tianjin in northern China during the Boxer Rebellionas part of the Japanese contribution to the Eight-Nation Alliance.

Immediately on her return, she required repairs to her boilers at Kure.

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She returned to China in May, but had to return to Japan again in June. In AugustAkashi was deemed akasi magazine for front-line service and was transferred to the reserve fleet.

Akasi magazine to write off the ship as a loss, the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff ordered Akashi to be completely overhauled at Kure Naval Arsenal in Marchand then sent the ship as a training vessel with instructors and cadets from the Imperial Naval Engineering Academy on a cruise around the coasts of China and Korea, marking port calls at FuzhouShanghai, YantaiInchonBusan and Wonsanreturning to Sasebo in September In October and NovemberAkashi was able to participate in combat maneuvers with other cruisers in the fleet.

Chikuwa and kamaboko are such products made from fish paste.

Akasi Photography

akasi magazine The chikuwa closest to the foreground are an extravagant type, made from tai sea breamwhich is considered to be a prized fish. Other products made from Akashi specialties, such as anago and tako, are also popular. Taking a Look at the Other Stores This is the greengrocers.

The old-fashioned stores sell their products by the bowl.

Japanese cruiser Akashi - Wikipedia

The vegetable on the akasi magazine side is takenoko bamboo sproutwhich is harvested in spring. This is the tsukemno pickled vegetables store.

Tsukemono is an essential Japanese food, made with akasi magazine or rice bran, among other ingredients. Sake is also essential to Japanese cuisine, and the liquor store at the shotengai boasts a wide lineup.

To learn akasi magazine about Japanese sake, take a look at this article. Go through the narrow corridor lined with chochin, a traditional Japanese lighting, and you will find Benzaiten is known as a goddess of art, and also as a goddess of business, a perfect guardian for the shotengai.


This is the pink, tai sea bream -shaped Akashi Monaka yen with taxmade by Fujie-ya Bundai, a long-established store.