Horst Keller. Dr. Horst Keller has worked at SAP AG for many years. His experience includes managing the documentation and roll-out relating to ABAP and ABAP Objects. Find great deals for ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications by Sascha Kruger, Horst Keller (Mixed media product, ). Shop with. Dr. Horst Keller works in the NetWeaver Developer Tools ABAP group at SAP. As Knowledge Architect he is responsible for documentation and roll-out relating to ABAP and ABAP Objects. He also oversees the programs for preparing and presenting the ABAP documentation including the relating search algorithms.


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Horst Keller | SAP Blogs

The files you'll get are packed in the RAR format, which can be unpacked by the open source software 7-Zip or the proprietary old-fashined and crude command line tool unrar.

To extract Mini SAP, put the file unrar. To access it, you'll need to have a special service user account with download authorisation, that is only available to SAP customers. Abap objects horst keller you haven't got that, you'll have to go with the trial GUI version.

In fact, NetWeaver is a fully functional webserver, and most of the functionality can be accessed through the browser. Another useful piece of software that comes with the NetWeaver download in an outdated version is the database utility for the MaxDB database, that is underlying the actual NetWeaver software.

It's good for database administration. The new 64 bit edition also supports Windows 7 and 8 as well as Windows Server and For a couple of reasons, I'd suggest to install NetWeaver within a virtual environment.

For that, of course, you'll need to have abap objects horst keller spare license of one of the listed Windows editions.

ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications

So the first step of installation would be to set up a virtual environment e. But now the reasons why I think it's better abap objects horst keller install NetWeaver virtually: NetWeaver is extremely sensitive with respect to any other software installed on the same system, and easily dies during istallation for various reasons.

That unfortunately also and especially includes security software such as firewalls and anti virus applications. If you do risky experiments within your SAP, you can activate the undo functionality of Hyper-V beforehand.


So should your system not survive your experiments, you can quickly return to the last working state. If you have to reinstall Windows, it's quite difficult however not impossible to extract your packages you've developed from abap objects horst keller system.

So if you have everything within a virtual machine, you can just copy the whole VM to your new Windows installation. Your computer's name may only be up to 13 characters.

So you don't have to rename your computer if you install within Hyper-V. The setup programme not only installs the files needed to run Mini SAP, but also several new services that constantly use your computer's resources, and even sets up new Windows users, which you might not want to happen to abap objects horst keller productive environment.

ABAP Objects : Introduction to Programming SAP Applications

Should you want to update to a newer NetWeaver edition later, you don't have to uninstall the old trial from your productive environment which can be a real pain! On the other hand, there are good arguments to run NetWeaver on a physical computer: The abap objects horst keller bit edition of Windows 8.

If you own an older Windows version, you'll have to download and install Virtual PC manually. To download it, you'll need to give the information that you have a Windows 7 Professional edition or better. When installing the software, it's never actually checked which Windows edition you really own.

ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications

When installing Virtual PC on a Windows Home edition, you'll get a message that this is not supported. Just click OK and ignore the message. I can assure you that Virtual PC runs fine on home editions as well.