Critics Consensus: A 3D adaptation of a supposedly "unfilmable" book, Ang Lee's Life of Pi achieves the near impossible -- it's an astonishing  Rating‎: ‎PG (for emotional thematic content thro. Life of Pi is a Canadian fantasy adventure novel by Yann Martel published in The French translation L'Histoire de Pi was chosen in the French CBC  Publisher‎: ‎Knopf Canada. La vida de Pi has ratings and reviews. Huda said: كي أكون صريحةالرواية جيدة ولكنها تحمل قدرا لا يُستهان به من الزيفهل كانت الرواية عل.


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Jeunet began writing the adapted screenplay with Guillaume Laurant, and filming was scheduled to begin in mid, partially in India.

La vida de Pi

Lee stated that water was a major inspiration behind making the film in 3-D: It's so expensive for what it is. You sort of have to disguise a philosophical book as an adventure story. I thought of 3-D half a year before 'Avatar' was on the screen. I thought water, with its transparency and reflection, the way it comes out to you in 3-D, would create a new theatrical experience and maybe the audience or the studio would open up their minds a little bit to accept something different.

We have to let things happen. I just had this feeling, I'll follow this kid to wherever this movie takes me. I saw the movie start to unravel in front of me. After 3, young men auditioned for the a vida de pi lead, in October Lee cast Suraj Sharmaa year-old student and an acting newcomer.

In this book, Richard Parker is a mutineer who is stranded and eventually cannibalized on the hull of an overturned ship and there is a dog aboard who is named Tiger.

The author also had in mind another occurrence of the name, in the famous legal case R v Dudley and Stephens where a shipwreck again results in the cannibalism of a cabin boy named Richard Parker, this time in a lifeboat.

Having read about these events, Yann Martel thought, "So many victimized Richard Parkers had to mean something. Scliar's story describes a Jewish-German refugee crossing the Atlantic Ocean with a jaguar in his boat.

Literary reviews have described the similarities between Life of Pi and Max and the Cats as superficial. Reviewer Peter Yan wrote: The themes of the books are also dissimilar, with Max and the Cats being an allegory for Nazism. This technique of the intrusive narrator adds the documentary realism to the book, setting up, like a vida de pi musical counter-point, the myth-making, unreliable narratorPi.


The reader is left to ponder at the end whether Pi's story is an allegory of another set of parallel events. The Patel Family's discussions of the political situation refer to the Emergency a vida de pi of the mids, when Indira Gandhi 's administration ruled by decree, curtailed press freedoms, and imprisoned political opponents.

Pondicherry is a former French colony in India. The Botanical Garden had a zoo in but did not have any animals bigger than a deer.

Life of Pi (film) - Wikipedia

Munnarthe destination for a vida de pi Patel family's vacation, is a small but popular hill station in Kerala. Maduraialso referenced in the novel, is a popular tourist and pilgrimage site in Tamil Nadu.

Characters[ edit ] Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel[ edit ] He acquires layer after layer of diverse spirituality and brilliantly synthesizes it into a personal belief system and devotional life that is breathtaking in its depth and scope.

His youthful exploration into comparative religion culminates in a magnificent epiphany of sorts.


He was named after a swimming pool in Parisdespite the fact that neither his mother nor his father particularly liked swimming. The story is told as a narrative from the perspective of a middle-aged Pi, now married with his own family, and living in Canada.

At the time of main events of the a vida de pi, he is sixteen years old. He recounts the story of his life and his day journey on a lifeboat when his ship sinks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean during a voyage to North America.